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Award Winning SEO Company with trusted SEO & SEM services to rank all UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah based business websites.
Compete Infotech, a responsible name for years in the zone of SEO Service and link buildings for the national and international clients. We are ever alert of our client’s requirement. Our strategy is simple and result oriented. We believe in relationship that can remain uninterrupted and go long.
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No Hidden Cost
The dealings with our company can give you the freedom from all the hidden cost which makes your business hazard free and cost effective. That means getting high facilities within affordable range.
  Trusted Partnership
A good partnership can give a new look for your business. With Compete Infotech you can test the sweetness of having a loyal and responsible partner for your company.
Calculated ROI
We do business to get a fair ROI (Return on Investment). Compete Infotech assure you on this. Our services give you calculated return on your every investment.
  Short Term Agreement
We are so much confident of our service that we don’t even bother to fasten our clients with some long term, complicated agreements. We know that our service will drive them to us again and again.
Top Rankings
Compete Infotech make certain top 10 rankings for your site in the foremost search engines like Google, Yahoo for the mostly targeted keywords for your projects.
  Skilled Team
We have the best team in internet marketing and SEO service. Unlike others our team has both experience and attitude to give your business their best.
What we do?
SEO (Search Engines Optimization) is the technical way to enhance the possibility to get noticed on search engines for a website. It is a procedural way to get high traffic and maximum revenue for a business house. In this high competition of be in the top one company must be well equipped and always be in demand. SEO is the easiest way to be the both, as SEO company makes your site search friendly. Through this service you can get high traffic for your website which can determine a good volume of profit at the end of the day. Compete Infotech is expert in providing all kind of SEO, SEM service and internet marketing. So we know how to drive a huge traffic for our client’s websites. A relevant keyword research and a keen technical knowledge can give you the best SEO service. We as the promising SEO service provider now step in for our UAE based friends who are thinking of having an effective Search Engine Optimization service for their better prospect in trading.
Pay Per Click or PPC is the reincarnation of orthodox advertising system where you had to pay unnecessarily for your products’ ad. PPC is the internet advertising style used in websites where the advertiser has to pay their host only when their ad is clicked by any of the interested visitors. That means now you just have to pay for your sure business. It is the best ever way to give you the best result for your product’s ad. PPC is like the life line for the modern business houses no matter whether they are small, average or big. Compete Infotech is assuring their clients of to get full benefit of this useful aspect of web marketing if they give us the responsibility.
We as the team of excellence can enable you to have a finest link building support for your business. As we know the effect of a good, effective and relevant link for your website. It will give your site not only extra traffic but at the same time definite your revenue a few time higher. Our experienced team provides you some theme based significant links which enhance your ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo. In this pandemonium of web maniac it is very important to get noticed otherwise there is no purpose of having a website. The best option is to create link with the other good quality pertinent websites. Compete Infotech is always stretching their hands to give you the support to get some significant links for your website. Link building becomes always a highly useful strategy of web marketing.
Internet Marketing is the best possible way to promote your business to its top. Compete Infotech has proven their capability in giving the finest service in this field. Marketing is always a very crucial part in every business. Sometimes a good product or service may not get its desired business just because of bad, unimpressive marketing. There are lots of sections of internet marketing or web marketing, like: web marketing, social media marketing, bolg promotion, article and press release, email marketing, video and viral marketing and many more. Compete Infotech is a business optimization house where you can get all of this facilities including many more inimitable features what other internet marketing companies will not be able to give you. Our complete internet marketing service for the UAE cities like Sharjah, Dubai are so distinctive that you can’t even think to ignore them.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media is the mostly populated term in this net dominated planet. Marketing your business using social media tactic is based on the delicate word-of-mouth marketing. Promoting ideas that are genuinely interesting will spread easily and effectively among online social networks and communities such as Twitter, Digg, Face book, MySpace, YouTube, and Flicker etc. These social media channels carry mighty information such as people’s opinions, experiences and views on various issues, which through participation and Social Media Marketing or SMM-orientation can be directed at increasing the brand visibility of your company on web world. You know that social media improves the promotion of the brand name of a company through creating interactive profiles or micro websites full of your product or service details. Compete Infotech has skilled panel of experts who can provide you the finest result of SMM.
Reputation Management
Reputation management is considered to be one of the most important parts of a business. Compete Infotech is always at your service to maintain your business reputation. Reputation management has come into wide use with the advent of widespread computing. It is process of tracking one individual’s action and others opinion on those action and reporting on those action and opinions. Search Engine Reputation Management strategies include SEO and Online Content Management. It is very essential for your trading to maintain a good reputation and having a constant eye whether there any threat or not; but it may not be possible for you without the help of an expert of this zone. Compete Infotech is there to offer their shoulder for this task.
Augment Your Competence through SEO Services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization system is the best possible web technique to get the highest traffic for your website and highest revenue for you business. This feature enables you to get maximum visitors which means maximum profit.

In business you always need to be in the front row; to get good revenue you must be ever active in market and to get profit you cannot effort to lose even a single chance of business. Search Engine Optimization can give you all of these and hence you never fail to achieve a good business. Compete Infotech is offering their assistance as they have knowledge, manpower and experience in the world of SEO.

In the largest cities of UAE like Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah trading is a big matter of importance for the inhabitants. These modern cities like to have modern techniques for their better future. To get a strong, hazard free business you all need the unique and impressive support of SEO. This system is made to enhance your business and to give you a proper volume of visitors according to the standard of your products or services. It is a way to optimize a page in a technical method to make a website make search friendly and get a higher rank in the search result.

Having SEO as their mother project Compete Infotech is confident enough to give you the best service in almost anything and everything regarding SEO. Our practiced hands deliver you every possible solution for your requirements concerning SEO & SEM services.


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