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Office 365 Is A More Secure Option Compared to Your Data Center

March 25, 2020

While both large and small businesses are moving their critical data on the cloud and taking advantage of the numerous benefits provided by Microsoft Office 365 UAE, one might wonder how secure and reliable the cloud service is? As cloud services are maturing and more companies are adopting for the hybrid cloud computing service, it is said that this shall no longer be a matter of concern. This perhaps provides companies with assurance and comfort, as all it takes is a single large data breach of a well-known cloud service to build fears and increase security concerns.

The very fact that companies are taking the private cloud approach may be an indication that third-party data centers do not give rise to sufficient levels of trust. Events such as the Dropbox data breach certainly don’t add to the credibility. Let’s discuss the top five reasons why office 365 is undoubtedly a more secure option as opposed to data centers.

Microsoft Office 365

Disaster Plan

Many companies still opt to use their own private data center, which is why they don’t have a recovery plan in place. In contrast to this, Office 365 offers not only regular back-up on data and enhanced security in the form of multi-factor authentication but also runs ISO-certified data centers that have a disaster recovery plan.


Microsoft has now made it very clear that they are dedicated to offering complete protection. They have admitted to their mistakes in the past. They are now doing their best to overcome and introduce better and improved security features and have also improved important security aspects such as the multi-factor authentication that Office 365 uses across all services. That means that it is now more secure than most of the other cloud services.


We cannot stress enough on the importance of having a back-up feature. Microsoft Office 365 has understood this fact and has ensured to include regular back-up services in Office 365.


As there is a ride in the amount of confidential and personal information being shared across the web, users have asked for more control over who can easily access and view this data. Office 365 incorporates a suite of controls that allows users to customize who can only see information, edit or not view at all.



User error creates many security issues. Be it opening a malware-infected email or unintentionally exposing personal data; Office 365 solves all of these trouble areas by automating several basic tasks and reducing user error risk.

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